Meaning of Zhubin

Meaning of Zhubin

Zhubin or zubin

Zhubin or zubin (Persian: زوبین‎) is a Persian male given name, which means short spear in Persian , literally meaning “something that touches the sky”.The name originated in Iran, Iran. In Persian mythology, Zubin (also called: Zupin, Zhubin, Zhupin) was one of the warriors of Iran’s army, famous for his courage. “Zubin” was also a weapon as well “a short spear that would be thrown to kill the enemy variants of the name include Chubin (چوبین), Joubin (ژوبین), Jubin, Zubeen, and Zhubin.

The name Zubin may refer to: (as a first name)
  • Zubin Mehta (born 1936), Indian conductor
  • Zubin Varla (born 1970), British actor and singer
  • Zubin Damania (born 1972), American businessman
  • Zubin Garg (born 1972), Indian musician and actor
  • Zubin Surkari (born 1980), Canadian cricketer
  • Zubin Salimi Pahlavi (born 1977), Persian Prince, is a member of the deposed Pahlavi dynasty of Iran.
as a surname
  • Emil Zubin (born 1977), Slovenian footballer
  • Joseph Zubin (۱۹۰۰–۱۹۹۰) American psychologist
place name
  • Zubin Potok in North Kosovo

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